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2012-2013 Fresno YMF Cabinet

Past President

Kenneth Frank, E.I.T.


Ken has been employed with BSK Associates for the past 4 years.  he graduated from Fresno State in Fall 2008.  When not working, Ken enjoys golfing, snowboarding, softball, glassblowing, ping pong, camping, and last but not least, being a lifelong TRUE fan of the San Francisco Giants!


Greg Gross, P.E.


Greg has been employed with Mark Thomas & Company, Inc. for the past 6.5 years. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento in Spring 2004.  When not working, Greg enjoys making home improvements, traveling, and following sports. On weekends you'll likely find Greg hitting up the thrift shop eager to pop some tags and spending all $20 in his pocket on something that's frickin' awesome.

Vice President (President-Elect)

Jonathan Jensen, E.I.T.


Jonathan has been employed with Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group since June of 2010. He graduated from Fresno State in Spring 2011. When not working, Jonathan enjoys golfing, baseball and football, camping, and road trips. He looks forward to serving these next two years as President Elect and President for the Fresno YMF.


Elizabeth Martinez, M.S.


Elizabeth is pretty much the most awesome person you'll ever meet!  When not aspiring to be as awesome as Mark Weaver, she enjoys dazzling people with her charm and wit.  When she feels like winding down, you'll often find her riding some quads, hitting up Vegas, or generally kicking... ummm "donkey", and taking names.  She is, the second most awesome person in the world!


Ashleigh Love, P.E.


Ashleigh graduated from Fresno State in Spring 2007 and has been employed by BSK for the last several years as a staff engineer specializing in geotechnical engineering and sand castle stabilization.  When not working, Ashleigh enjoys camping, traveling, reading, playing chess, amateur bull riding, attending super secret international drinking competitions and long walks on the beach.

Website Chair

Mark Weaver, M.S., P.E.


Mark has been employed at Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group since late 2008.  When not eating, sleeping, working, or just having fun, Mark also enjoys causing random mischief on this website (or mischief in general), and complaints should be directed his way.

Membership Chair

Melissa Blau


Your first impression of Melissa is that she is the sweetest person you've ever met, but don't let that fool you! If you don't watch your back, she may buy you a beer and make you drink it while having a delightful conversation. No doubt about it, she's a wiley one who you should definitely contact if you want to get involved with YMF!

Newsletter Chair

Benjamin Holton, P.E.


Stemming from a mostly noble background of musicians, professors, and other mechanically minded sorts, this dubiously intrepid engineer finds fascination with bridges of all metaphorical and literal types.  Often asked of his preference with regard to the primary material for use in said crossing’s construction, his answer is always the same, ‘Yes, I concur with the latter,’ irrespective of the particular order of materials presented.

Activities Co-Chairs

Brad Kooiman, E.I.T.


Bradley is currently employed at Akel Engineering.  In Bradley's free time, he enjoys riding his bike with no handlebars, rock crawling in his Bronco, and managing the Brosquatches.

Jeremy Yager, P.E.


Jeremy has been employed with McClone Construction for the past 5 years.  He graduated from Fresno State in Fall 2007.  When not working, Jeremy enjoys snow skiing and snowboarding, hiking, hunting, photography, surfing and reading and is just learning the sport of sailing.  Jeremy is very excited to be a part of Fresno YMF and he is excited to network with fellow younger engineers.