ASCE Membership

Fresno YMF Membership

Who can join?

Anyone who qualifies to join National ASCE is welcome at our events. Our activities are geared towards young engineering professionals, 35 years of age and younger. See our Calendar page to see where you can find us.  New faces are always welcome.

What does Fresno YMF do? 

Your local YMF group was recently started in 2009. Our cabinet members have been active in planning professional and social activities to recruit and meet new members. We are currently planning events, socials, and professional mixers. This year we hope to increase our membership and meet new faces at all of our events. 

If you want to become a member, please send an email to our Membership Chair, Jason Staicer (

ASCE National Membership

If you'd like to enjoy all the benefits of being a National ASCE member, please visit the National ASCE website at